Perth Schools Helping Each Other to help the Homeless & Disadvantaged

SN - Ashdale SHS 2
Special thanks to the Staff, Students, and Community at Ashdale Secondary College
for collecting 475 Winter Warmer items for Perth’s Homeless and disadvantaged.
Your efforts in helping Manna are amazing.
What is the Manna School’s Network ?

The Manna Schools’ Network is a way of connecting with Schools in WA to help create and grow an understanding of how Students can work with Manna to address the problems facing our homeless.

Hopefully, by giving students the opportunity to learn about the issues associated with homelessness, the children of today will become the leaders for their generation, bringing about change in society and providing assistance in alleviating homelessness in the future.

What sort of things can my School do to help Manna ?

The short answer to this question is “anything you want”.

In the short time that the Manna Schools’ Network has been operating, the amount of activities that can be undertaken by schools has exploded.

More importantly, these new and exciting opportunities have come about from the Student Leaders in the Schools we are working with. Generic food drives have evolved into very specific “Adopt-a-Dish” programs and activities.

Fund raising has become more focussed. Schools are asking us “what do our homeless need most?”, and then they are finding ways to address those needs.

How does my School get involved ?

Getting involved is a simple as contacting our Volunteer Manna Schools’ Network Coordinator from the link below.

We are happy to come to your school and speak to Staff, explaining the Manna story, answering any questions you might have, and outlining how the School could become involved.

We are also happy to talk with Student Leaders, or speak at Assemblies to help update and inform your School and wider community.

Which Schools in Western Australia are currently involved in the Manna Schools Network ?

Manna has been working with many Schools in Term 2 of 2016, and the number continues to grow in Term 3 and 4.

Check back shortly for a full list of schools and activities undertaken.

Who do I contact to get more information ?

Email the Manna Schools network Co-ordinator, Simon French, for more information

Manna News
Clontarf helps out in the Kitchen
18th Aug 2016

Our thanks to the boys from the Clontarf Academy for helping out in the Kitchen last week and on several previous occasions. Lolo, the Manna Kitchen co-ordinator, was very grateful…

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