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Feeding the Homeless

Manna provides meals to the homeless through it’s Hot ‘n’ Healthy Meals Program which has grown to be Perth’s largest humanitarian food outlet of meals to the homeless and disadvantaged.   It serves soup, a main meal with cooked vegies and/or salad, dessert and a drink six nights a week.   This is all provided with no expectation from the ‘streeties’ that they have to contribute financially.

Unfortunately the numbers of homeless we feed continues to grow which means an every-increasing need for more resources.

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Manna Kids

The largest target population for Manna at the moment is school children and youth.  We hope that by giving them a helping hand now we can decrease the amount of delinquency and vagrancy in the future.

Those we help are often developmentally vulnerable, have unstable home lives and see things that no child should see. They go to school hungry and lack the appropriate clothing to keep them warm and dry in winter. We are committed to helping improve the lives of these children by meeting their basic needs of food and clothing.

Manna Kids – School Breakfast Program

The School Breakfast Program is offered at schools in areas of need where students often attend school with inadequate or no breakfast.   They enjoy a choice of cereal, baked beans or spaghetti on toast, pancakes, juice, milk and fresh fruit.

Studies at one of the primary schools in 2011 showed an increase in attendance as well as a reduction in behavioral incidents recorded in classrooms and in the playground by the students who regularly attend the School Breakfast Program.   Teachers also reported improved concentration and positive student responses to learning activities.

Students participating in the School Breakfast Program not only experience the physical benefits, but also the positive social and educational aspects of the program.

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Majella Uniforms

Manna Kids – Winter School Uniform Program

The idea for this project originated in 2006 when it was observed that many children attending the Breakfast Programs at various Primary Schools were not appropriately dressed in winter.  Some came to school wet and cold because they did not have a jacket. Many were dressed in just shorts/skirt and a t-shirt, as all they had was the summer version of the school uniform. School attendance was affected because of sickness or embarrassment.

Manna began with one school, and now provides over 1000 students each year with a Winter School Uniform pack.

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Manna News
Manna Needs Your Help!
24th Oct 2017

This year, Manna has experienced a long, hard winter with increasing numbers of families requiring our already exhausted services. To help Manna to continue to help those in need, …

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Manna receives no government funding so we rely on the support of people like you to continue our services to those in need.   We have the opportunity to help the disadvantaged and really change lives – we are making a difference together.