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Manna – Download the Corporate Volunteering Opportunities Brochure

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Corporate’s in the Manna Kitchen

Up to 12 people
1:00pm – 4:30pm
$1,100 donation – covers the cost of providing 220 meals to the homeless

Manna provides meals for the homeless and disadvantaged at an inner city park each afternoon.    Manna also provides other agencies with up to 400 meals a week.   During the afternoon the team will assist our kitchen coordinator preparing meals, soups and much more.   As the team work together conversations will take place that they wouldn’t normally have in the workplace.

Knowing the donation covers the costs of the daily meals gives the team a real sense of being responsible for the food provided that day.    It really is team building at its best as the team focuses on others.

Curtin Uni

Corporate activities next to the Manna Kitchen

Up to 25 people
.00pm – 4.30pm
$1,750 Donation

There is always a lot to be done in the Manna kitchen.   The team will be split into groups and rotated through different activities under the guidance of our kitchen coordinator.   Preparing food and vegetables, making soups and meals, creating the Manna version of Hedgehog Slice (for our school breakfast program) and learning more about Manna.   These afternoons have a very positive impact on the team as they work together to help the community.


Senior Citizen’s Luncheon for 150 people

25 – 30 people
8.30am – 3.00pm
$3,000 Donation – covers cost of food, drinks (non alcoholic), decorations and gifts.

Sponsor and Volunteer at one of 5 Special Senior Citizens Lunches

There are many seniors in our community who are lonely and rarely leave their homes.   Bev likes to spoil them during the year with themed lunches, which is a major outing for many.  The volunteers arrive early to set up the hall, begin food and drink preparation and anything else that needs to happen to make this a seamless event for up to 250 seniors.

Throughout the day the team is responsible for creating the meal, serving the meal and cleaning up after the lunch.  The seniors thoroughly enjoy the lunches, and the opportunity to talk to volunteers is priceless for everyone.  This is a great opportunity to promote the workplace culture in a hands-on way by assisting others.

Fruit salad ready for park

Prepared by the Corporate Team

Employees can arrange with their employer to donate to Manna through workplace giving programs.   When a portion of their pay is donated to a charity through regular payroll deductions, the employer can reduce their gross salary by the gift amount when calculating the pay as you go (PAYG) amount withheld. This gives them the benefit of reduced tax immediately.

Manna – Download the Corporate Volunteering Opportunities Brochure

If you would like to know more please contact Manna Inc


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Manna receives no government funding so we rely on the support of people like you to continue our services to those in need.   We have the opportunity to help the disadvantaged and really change lives – we are making a difference together.