“From feeding a few homeless people in the park to one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people in Perth.”

“In 2016 Manna reaches the milestone of Feeding the Homeless for 20 Years”

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Bev and John Lowe

Manna is a compassionate charitable organisation providing hope and dignity to the hungry, the lonely, the disadvantaged and the underprivileged in the community of Perth, Western Australia.

Founded in 1996, by Bev and John Lowe, Manna now has over 200 volunteers that give their time on a regular basis to prepare and deliver consistent food services to those in need.

Manna is primarily focused on the preparation and delivery of fresh meals every day to disadvantaged groups in our community.

The meals are delivered on the same day they are made.

Manna’s charitable and free services include:

(1)   Feeding the Homeless

(2)   School Breakfast Program

(3)   Winter School Uniform Program

(4)   Several Other Services

Sadly, the demand for each and every one of these services continues to grow.

By assisting Perth’s most vulnerable, Manna improves their health and sense of wellbeing and provides a better outcome for the community while inspiring positive social change.

We believe that by nourishing the homeless and the vulnerable in a non-judgemental and compassionate way, we give hope, raise awareness about poverty and provide better outcomes for the wider community.

From what began as the simple act of feeding a few homeless people in a park, Manna has grown to become one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people here in Perth.

On the 18th May 2015, Manna celebrated 19 years of feeding the homeless

Listen to Bev and John have a chat about how it all started
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Charitable Collection Licence   20723
ABN   46 734 880 362

Clontarf (1a)

Thanks to the Clontarf Boys (Bree, Levi, Jyaih, Michael and Jaylan) for helping out in the kitchen

Thanks also to Jaimie, Lolo, Tom, Sarah and Annie


Fresh vegetables & fruit arriving at the Kitchen

Monday, 30th May 2016

Our Next Information Evening for new Volunteers
Will be held on Monday, 30th May 2016 (from 6:00pm)
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Manna News
Homeless for a Night
15th Mar 2016

One of our major annual fundraising events “Homeless for a Night” is being held on Saturday, 14th May 2016. Click Here for full details of the event

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Manna receives no government funding so we rely on the support of people like you to continue our services to those in need.   We have the opportunity to help the disadvantaged and really change lives – we are making a difference together.